Center condones Odisha’s delay, to release drought insurance

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 27:

A day after Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik wrote to Union Agriculture Minister Radha Mohan Singh urging the Centre to release its share of Rs 795.31 crore insurance for disbursal among the state’s drought-hit farmers, Singh wrote back assuring that the Center has condoned the delay in submission of yield data and will release its share after the State Government does so.


“I have had the matter examined and would like to inform you that the yield data based on Crop Cutting Experiments (CCEs) for Paddy crop for Kharif 2015 was submitted by the State Govt to the Agriculture insurance Company of lndia (AIC) only on 10th August, 2016 after delay of around four and half months against cut-off-date of 31st March, 2016”.

“The matter was referred by AIC to our Department. Certain clarifications were sought from the Govt. of Odisha with regard to justification for condonation of delay in submission of yield data by State Govt to AIC. Response of the State Govt which has been received only on 24th October, 2016 has been examined and it has been decided to condone the delay in submission of yield data. Gol’s share of claims shall be released once the State Govt releases its share to AIC,” wrote Singh.

It may be mentioned here that Naveen yesterday wrote to Singh over the delay in submission of yield data to Agriculture lnsurance Company of India (AIC) and settlement of Kharif 2015 season claims of Odisha under National Agricultural Insurance Scheme (NAIS).

“More than 21 lakh farmers in the State were covered under NAIS during Kharif 2015. AIC of India, the designated Implementing Agency for NAIS has approved the claims of Rs. 1776.34 crores for Kharif 2015 season for Odisha on 05.10.2016. The total claim approved is Rs.1776.34 crores of which the State and Central share is Rs.795.31 crores each. The State has already sanctioned its share which will be disbursed to the farmers as soon the Government of India share is received,” wrote Naveen.

“I would be grateful if you would accord your approval to the delayed submission of the crop yield data for Kharif 2015 season and provide the Government of India share of Rs 795.31 crores immediately, so that claims could be released to 11.61 lakh farmers who are eligible for receiving insurance claims, pertaining to Kharif 2015, he added.

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