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CBI takes Odisha ponzi firm chief Sethy, accountant on 10-day remand


Pradip Sethi Artha Tatwa AT group

Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Aug 26:

The CBI today took Artha Tatwa (AT) group chief Pradip Sethy and his accountant Shrikrushna Padhi on a 10-day remand to interrogate them in connection with the multi-crore chit fund scam in Odisha.

The CBI was allowed to take them on remand by the Special Chief Judicial Magistrate (CJM) last evening.

Both Sethy and Padhi were handed over to the CBI team by the Jharpada jail authorities after the former produced the court order granting their remand.

Sethy had told media persons outside the CBI court yesterday that he welcomes the idea of being in the custody of the CBI as he believes they would take action against the influential people who had taken Rs 65 crore by way of loan or gratification from his company. He said he had given a complete list of people who had duped him and his company to the state police but no action had so far been taken against them



    Let Pradeep Sethy speaks about the 170 (One hundred and seventy lockers existing in the name of different unknown people in different private banks in Bhubaneswar and Cuttack and about the purchase of quantity of gold from market.

    Pradeep Sethy is misleading people of Odisha by hiding some facts, he should disclose how many days he stayed in Mumbai before his arrest and which Police officer advised him to stay in Mumbai to avoid arrest.

    Even he has told that he was not arrested but he had surrendered, which in fact is true, but he has not disclosed the name of the police officer who had advised him to do so over his mobile phone just before his so called arrest and what type of assurance the officer had given him.

    We know that only Pradeep Sethy is not the only culprit in this Mega Chit Fund Scam, many politicians and bureaucrats are involved.

    We know that a former governor of Odisha had attended many functions of Artha Tatwa and Sea Shore Chit Fund companies.

    The private secretary of the former governor of Odisha and other public servants of governor office should be questioned by the CBI because this was a trick of these fraud chit fund companies to promote their business. They were attracting the innocent investors by hanging the photos of the Governor on the walls of their offices and by publishing the same photos in newspapers.

    Whenever the Honourable Governor is invited to attend any private function the private secretary and other public servants of Governor office are supposed to know the details of such functions and advise the Honourable Governor. Then the Governor decides whether he/she is supposed to attend the private function or not. Hence I suspect a nexus between the public servants at Raj Bhawan and both these chit fund companies.


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