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CBI probe into Odisha scams likely to influence BJD’s NDA stand


Odisha Sun Times Political Bureau

Bhubaneswar, May 24 :

Will the the ruling Biju Janata Dal in Odisha formally demonstrate its willingness to bend in favour of the BJP-led NDA, in the BJD parliamentary party meeting scheduled to be held today at Naveen Niwas ? Will the meeting take a final view on the party’s stand vis-a-vis the new order in Delhi or ‘authorize’ the party president Naveen Patnaik to take a call in the matter ?

The truth is, although the BJD Parliamentary Party is meeting today to take a ‘final view’ in the matter, none in the party has any idea, whatsoever,  about the party’s possible stand with regard to the Modi government at the Centre.

naveenA couple of days before the poll results were announced-  at a time when Naveen was still away in Delhi- some senior BJD leaders had gone public about extending support to the NDA government if it agreed to accord special category state status to Odisha. And, while a senior leader of the AIADMK was sacked from the party by Jayalalithaa for making a similar statement, Naveen appeared unruffled about  the idea even as he dodged questions on the chances of BJD returning to the NDA fold.

” This time around Naveen is most likely to consign his ‘equidistant’ theory to the backroom and instead explore the possibilities of keeping the Modi government in good humour,” a BJD leader told the OST under conditions of anonymity.

‘He is more likely to talk of the ‘larger interests’ of Odisha, the need to maintain a healthy relationship with the federal government at the Centre in order to maximise benefits to the state and even drop broad hints about an ‘issue-based’ support to the government rather than plough a lonely furrow like the party did in the last ten years, and got away with it because of a ‘friendly’ UPA government at the Centre, ” he said.

The ruling party leader said Naveen is worried over the possible fall outs of the CBI probes into the coal block allocation scam and chit fund scam and apprehends ‘big trouble’,if the apex court chooses to uphold the Shah Commission’s strong recommendation in favour of a CBI probe into the mammoth mining scam in the state.

“The threat perceptions could decide how the BJD would respond to the new political order in Delhi, ” he said.

However, informed sources in the ruling party told OST that Naveen is in close touch with the Tamil Nadu chief minister J. Jayalalithaa and is most likely to go by her advice in the matter. He is also talking to the West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee for additional support, the sources said.

” Naveen Babu is in no great hurry to open his cards now, ” the sources revealed.

“Although he is under some kind of pressure because of the CBI probes, he will not do anything that would suggest he is bending backwards to save his skin,” the sources added.