Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jun 15: 

Two days after movie actor Sonika Roy candidly talked about casting couch and exploitation of actors in Odisha movie industry, another movie actor Leena Das today opened up and said that casting couch exists and she herself has faced it.

Leena Das Odia casting couch

“Casting couch exists. I have faced it myself. I don’t want to reveal the name of the directors here. However, I stepped out of those cinema projects every time I was asked to make compromises. So far as other girls are concerned, there are many – who acted, made movies, had money and fun,” said Leena speaking to Kanak News today.

Leena, who has acted in movies such as ‘Mate Bohu Kari Neija’, ‘Mun Premi, Mun Pagala’ and ‘Superstar’ among others, further narrated some of her horrid experiences.

“In certain scenes, no matter how good the shot is, they intentionally make it a point to go for a retake. They find flaws with the work and try to touch inappropriately while attempting to demonstrate the scene. This is what I have experienced. The newcomers find it little difficult to understand.”

“Besides, some of them directly approached me. They don’t let the mentally unstable (women) from the streets escape their clutches. Here they are investing money. They won’t let anyone escape here. I have been asked to escort them on tours, but I refused the offer altogether,” said Leena.

She also explained how the producers and directors lure and pressurize the girls to give in to their demands.

“First they promise the newcomers the sky and rope them in. A day or two of shooting later, the promise turns to an emotional, mental and physical torture. They keep finding faults in the work to create and maintain the pressure on the actor. The girl, then is forced, to make compromises and give in to their demands,” she added.

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