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Casting couch back in news in Odisha after fresh video


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 28:

Allegations of casting couch in the Odisha entertainment industry, which had gone off the radar following choreographer Lubun’s arrest, is back in news again after he got bail.

casting couch

In a fresh MMS doing the rounds, a drunken or sedated girl is seen lying on the bed as a healthy man with a stubble and long hair is seen making out with her while they talk about actors of Odia entertainment industry in Odia and Bengali. The girl involved doesn’t oppose the man’s moves which make it clear that the act and the recording both were consensual.

The man is seen looking at the camera intermittently and at one point holds the camera in his left hand while recording the act from close quarters giving an impression that he is a lefty. The place where the video has been shot appears to be a guest house.

It also becomes clear from the video that a long video was shot which was then edited on a computer to bring it under seven minutes so that it could be forwarded to mobile phones using social networks and apps.

A CD/DVD version of the video also exists which is being sold in cyber cafes of Bhubaneswar and Cuttack.

While the Commissionerate Police which is already investigating the Lubun case has raided several cyber cafes and seized many disks, the presence of Lubun in the video it is yet to be verified. In fact, the face of the man is not very clear in the video.

Some of the actors of Odia entertainment industry who have received this video on their mobile phones claimed it to be a plot to defame Lubun, who already is in deep waters because of the nude picture and blackmail charges he is facing.

Some of them even argued that the elder sister of the girl who brought charges against Lubun released this video after he got bail and before she left Odisha. We have, however, not been able to independently verify these claims.