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CAG report not ‘gospel truth’, says Odisha Finance minister


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Feb 15:

The otherwise suave and soft spoken Pradip Kumar Amat, Odisha’s Finance Minister, has courted controversy with his comment that CAG reports are not always gospel truth and are subject to scrutiny by committees of the House.

Pradip Kumar Amat
Pradip Kumar Amat

“It’s not always that whatever that has been written in the CAG report is gospel truth (‘veda ra gaara’ in Odia). One of our committees will study the report. The CAG’s comments are subject to further examination and scrutiny by us. We honour it, but at the same time it needs to be subjected to further scrutiny for commissions and omissions,” said Amat commenting on the recently released CAG reports that finds fault with the government on several counts.

Leader of the Opposition in the Odisha Assembly and senior Congress leader Narasingh Mishra has said that there is nothing to be surprised in the Finance Minister’s comments.

“They do not respect the Constitution, have no regards for Supreme Court judgments, do not obey laws of the land and the High Court, and ignore the Lokpal. They have no respect for the Auditor General, which is a constitutional institution and even do not hesitate to use abusive language against him.  Therefore there is nothing to be surprised with what the Finance Minister said,” Mishra told reporters.

The BJP has called Finance Minister Amat’s statement as most unfortunate.

“This is most unfortunate. The Finance Minister is expected to make some meaningful statements. I feel the interests of their party – Biju Janta Dal – are being affected by it. Therefore, they do not hesitate to sacrifice the interests of Odisha and even insult constitutional bodies and authorities,” said Basant Panda in his reactions to Amat’s comments while talking to reporters here.