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Burglars loot huge cash, jewellery from Odisha film producer’s house


Reported by Santosh Jagdev
Cuttack, Jul 19:

In an incident that is fast becoming a pattern in Odisha’s Millennium City, a group of seven burglars barged into the house of film producer Jasobanta Devata in Madhupatna after braeking open the grill, tied up family members and decamped with about 250 grams of gold and nearly Rs 4 lakh in cash in the wee hours of Sunday.

pic: www.utah-domestic-violence-attorney.com
pic: www.utah-domestic-violence-attorney.com

After forcing their way into the house, the burglars tied Devata, his wife and other members to the legs of a cot and took out cash and jewellery from the almirah before fleeing the place.

“I heard a knock on the doors at about 2.45 am. There was no response when I asked who its was. I could immediately make out they were burglars and was attempting to call the police on my mobile phone when they broke open the window and barged in,” Devata said today.

“There were seven people. All of them were talking in Telugu except one, who spoke in Hindi,” he said.

A team of commissionerate police arrived at Devata’s house with a scientific team and sniffer dogs this morning and took stock of the situation in an attempt to find some clues. But it has not been able to make any headway in the case so far.

“The burglars unscrewed the window grill. We would request citizens to embed the grills rather than use screws,” ACP Anil Kumar Mishra said after surveying the crime scene.

It may be recalled that nine burglars had barged into the house of retired judge of the Odisha High Court Justice PK Mohanty last month, tied him and his wife and had decamped with cash and jewellery in his car.

They abandoned Justice Mohanty’s car near Rasulgarh and escaped with the loot in another vehicle.

Nearly a month after the incident, Commissionerate police claimed to have arrested five persons, including the mastermind, in connection with the case and patted itself on the back on its success in busting the gang.

But today’s incident proves that if the Twin City police thought they had heard the last of such incidents after the busting of the gang, they were living in a fool’s paradise.