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Hudhud hits at Kailashgiri in Vizag!


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Visakhapatanam, Oct 12:

Cyclone Hudhud has hit at Kailashgiri in Visakhapatnam, latest reports said.

tropical-storm cycloneThe most devastating part of the cyclonic storm begins now, Indian Navy officials here said.

Rear Admiral SK Grewal of the Navy told NDTV that though the eye of the storm was still 20 km away from Vizag, “You can say it is making landfall now.” The Indian Meteorological department however said it would record landfall when the eye of the storm hits the coast.

Met department officials explained that a cyclone has two spirals aand that the outermost spiral that has just crossed land and brought with it the fierce winds and rain, ndtv.com reported.

The eye, 30 km in diameter in Cyclone Hudhud is yet to make a landfall, they pointed out.