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Boon for Odisha farmers: CRRI develops drought, flood resistant rice varieties


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Cuttack, Nov 20:

Scientists at the Odisha based Central Rice Research Institute (CRRI) at Bidyadharpur have developed two new varieties of paddy that are resistant to drought and another that can withstand floods.

paddy field

While the drought-resistant two varieties require very little quantity of water to grow, the other can sustain itself in floods.

The three varieties, which will be made available to farmers for cultivation soon are CR -204, CR -205 and CR -306. The first two varieties require very little water to grow which are ideal for drought prone areas while the third can sustain itself in excess water conditions.

“These varieties have been developed keeping in mind climate change and the needs of the farmers,”, informed Sarat Kumar Pradhan, chief scientist at CRRI.

While the two new drought resistant paddy varieties can be grown on the highlands of Kalahandi, Balangir, Angul, and Dhenkanal districts, the water logging resistant variety is ideal for growing in the climatic conditions of Madhya Pradesh, Bihar and Puducherry, said sources in the CRRI.

The two drought resistant paddy varieties CR -204 and CR -205 are fast growing varieties and can be harvested in 105 to 110 days producing an average yield of 60 quintals of paddy per hectare.

CR-306, the excess water resistant variety of paddy developed by CRRI scientists can remain submerged up to a maximum of  one metre in water preventing  damage caused to paddy plants due to blowing winds while giving an average yield of 50 to 60 quintals per hectare, said CRRI sources.

“Water is a major problem for farmers. To get a kilogram of paddy yield the farmer requires 5,000 litres of water. The new varieties developed through research require only 3,000 litres of water for the same yield,” said Pradhan.

In the last two years, the CRRI has developed several new varieties of paddy suitable for climatic conditions of Odisha as well as outside states. These varieties are CR-201, 202, 204, 205, 300, 303, 304,305,306,407 and 505. Similarly, CR-601 has been developed as a dalua variety of paddy. This paddy variety can be grown even in extreme cold conditions.