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Bloody footprints in houses create panic in Odisha’s Kandhamal


Kandhamal: In a weird incident, bloody footprints found in most of the houses created panic among villagers here today.

The incident was reported in Dimiriguda village under Phiringia block in the tribal district on Thursday. The villagers found bloody footprints allegedly of a baby on the floors of majority of houses. They shocked to find the footprints that clearly indicate entrance to houses, but they did not see any footprint indicating exit from the house.

Believing emergence of goddess Pitabali at their area, the villagers have started worshipping the deity since yesterday morning.

According to reports, after witnessing annual festival of goddess Pitabali, who is the village deity, at the temple from 9 pm till midnight the devotees and the priest had returned to their houses. It is believed that the priest had premonition in his dream at night predicting things of what the future might bring. In the morning, the priest rushed the temple where he found bloody footprints of a baby on the floor.

He also found the same footprints in front of his house. The similar footprints of blood were also found in around 40-50 houses on Thursday morning.

After the priest told the villagers about the premonition, they started worshipping the deity in their houses.