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Blood separation unit at Baleswar soon


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Baleswar, May 15:

The Odisha government has sanctioned Rs 28 lakh for a blood separation unit at the Blood Bank in the district headquarters hospital here soon.

“The equipment will be installed with the help of the NACO, which has a major share in it”, said Blood Bank official Dr Mahesh Biswal.

He said under the separation process, blood is separated by configuration. The heavier blood cells and platelets are separated from the lighter plasma in the process.Plasma, the liquid part of blood, can be dried into a powder or frozen state. Fresh frozen plasma and freeze-dried preparations containing clotting factors are used to treat patients with hemophilia.

Stating that blood consumption would be reduced to about 30 percent after installation of a blood separation unit, Biswal said most donated blood can be separated into its components- plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelet, before being stored.

The packed cell and other components required for other patients can be utilised from a single unit blood, he added.