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BJP tears apart BJD govt’s Shining Odisha claim


OST Political Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Oct 9:

The state BJP today hit out at the Naveen Patnaik-led BJD government for what it called its ‘vote bank politics’ instead of working for the development of the state, which has been tagged as the poorest in the country.
“Naveen always pats himself by claiming of Odisha is shining under his regime. But the recent Raghuram Rajan report has exposed him and has proved that he has been hoodwinking the people in the name of development all this while. The report puts the State as the poorest State in the Country. The government is only indulging in vote bank politics,” said BJP Spokesperson Sameer Mohanty.
He said even as people are dying of starvation at regular intervals in the state, the shameless government is busy giving false assurances to the people ahead of elections. The Government is least worried about the pain and sufferings of the people and is more worried about ways to get funds for the upcoming election from Posco and busy planning to win the ensuing election through an illicit nexus with the Congress, he added.
The BJP leader alleged that both the administration and the police are working at the behest of the government.
“People are dying unnatural deaths in this regime of BJD. Rapes and murders, along with the fatal MDM scheme of the government, have made the hospitals crowded in the state. The government must accept the truth and work for the development of people rather than making false claims,” said Mohanty.