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BJP for debate on police under Delhi government


Hyderabad, Jan 21 :

Senior BJP leader M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that while his party is in favour of bringing Delhi Police under Delhi government, there is a need for debate on the issue and that it can’t be decided on streets.

Talking to reporters here Tuesday, he said as Delhi government is responsible for protection of people and accountable to them, the idea of bringing Delhi Police under the state government is good. He, however, felt there is a need for a debate on the issue as Delhi is a national capital and houses the central government, parliament and foreign embassies.

Naidu stressed the need for a separate mechanism to look after the security of the prime minister, ministers, parliament, foreign embassies and foreign dignitaries visiting the national capital. He pointed out that Delhi unit of BJP has already made the suggestion in this regard.

“There is a need for debate and consensus on Aam Aadmi Party’s demand but the issue can’t be decided on streets,” he said while criticizing Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and ministers for taking to the streets.

“People voted for AAP to govern responsibly and not to make them suffer,” he said while claiming that there is universal condemnation of the action of AAP leaders.

The BJP leader said AAP had proved that it can only protest and can’t solve problems of people and govern. “It has proved that it is an Anarchist Aadmi Party and not an Aam Aadmi Party,” he added.

Naidu alleged that AAP lost the credibility the day it took support of Congress, whom it had once described as corrupt and communal. He said AAP president’s support to his minister who misbehaved with foreign women and denigrated India’s image internationally further eroded its credibility.

He said with these actions by AAP it became clear that it can’t be an alternative to BJP.

He also called for a national debate on NDA’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi’s vision of India, saying this would strengthen the democracy.

He claimed that after hearing Modi, BJP cadre returned from the national council meet with confidence about future of India and the party.

He, however, asked the party cadre to keep in mind the advise by senior leader L.K. Advani to be confident and not over-confident. He urged every worker to meet the targets of enrolling support of 100 voters, reaching 100 homes, recruiting 100 volunteers, mobilizing 100 donations and 100 social media activists for party’s poll campaign.

On Congress leader Manishankar Iyer’s remark that his party will not allow a tea seller to become prime minister, Naidu said tea sellers were better than people who sell country’s interests.