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Why BJD’s time in power can prove short



  • Four major recent reasons why BJD’s time in power in Odisha would be short provided a deserving and viable alternative emerges soon.

    1. Refusal to come under RTI. Didn’t even bother to represent itself in the recent case in OIC. 2. No Lokpal appointed for last 11 months and no Jan Lokayukta as committed by the honourable CM. 3. The unpardonable gaffe by senior minister in ULB election campaign and no action by either honourable CM or CEC of Odisha. 4. The extremely embarrassing mistake by a senior minister which exposes the hollow anti-center stand of the party for purely power-politics. While there are a host of other reasons, but unless the party and honourable CM acts swiftly on these issues and also brings in critical reforms in the way the party continues to pursue traditional political methods to win election in spite of being in such a strong and powerful position in the state. How ever, the challenge for any aspiring alternative is to fill the vacuum in the opposition space in Odisha politics by bringing in ethical politics of the kind showcased by #AAP in Delhi on a state-wide scale to win the trust and mandate of the people.

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    • Baibhav Mishra How about the mythical claim of inheritance of Biju’s Legacy, that the Current regime has managed to induce into the gullible sundry of Odisha! That needs to exorcised!
    • Nishan Patnaik The State Government of Odisha is doing Nothing but saying everything! One of the worst Underdeveloped State of the Country, Employment Nil Our Educated Students Running to near by States for Job, Crime rate increasing day by day, Poverty increasing da…See More
    • Gurudatta Panda A CM who can not speak the language of which his father was fluent, but taking the name of his father to rule! Odisha people are damn fools, uneducated and politically illiterate! BJD will win, no can dismantle them in terms of wealth and goons!!
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    • Kamalesh Mishra Dear Dhanada Mishra is it a campaign in favour of AAP, or guiding BJD about the corrective measure they should adopt. ( Sapa maribani ki badi vangibani niti thik nuhen)…
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    • Dhanada Mishra Kamalesh – Its the classic mistake people make, but I thought you would know better. AAP is not an alternative political party but a new political movement for much needed correction in our political culture and process which is at the root of all our …See More
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    • Ranjan Nayak Gurudatta Panda You cant blame the larger mass as fools and uneducated, well awareness is needed but blaming the public as they don’t know anything is no way welcome
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    • Kamalesh Mishra Dhanda all said and done politics is all about” acquiring power, continuing in power and dislodging someone who is in power.” Without power change can not come. Thats the reason precisely why Mr Kejriwal parted ways with Anna.
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    • Adarsh Das There is many difference between voters of odisha and delhi..diifers also aap and bjd..
    • Dhanada Mishra Kamalesh – there is a very different definition of politics which AAP pursues – it is the best and most effective medium to bring greatest good to the largest number in the society. Acquiring power is only a means to this end. Unfortunately the means has become an end in itself for all political parties. #AAP is set to change the politics of the country.
    • Abhijit Patnaik For my project work I stayed in a village called ‘Chandiput’ an interior area of Brahmagiri and during my 1 year stay there I got familiar with villagers of 3 more villages near by, people are beautiful but I also got familiar with a word ‘Naveen Taki…See More
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    • Kamalesh Mishra Politics is poltics and it is for power and intelectuals have wonderful verbatim to justify anything and everything that suits their view. Can change ever come without power?
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    • ବୀରେନ୍ଦ୍ର କୁମାର୍ ଦେବତା If intellegencia could not get it…..how common people can ? Its simple… 1. AAP formation itself is very different & inspiring after independence & that to in an advanced media age where hardly you can hide. 2. The core group are one among the masse…See More
    • ବୀରେନ୍ଦ୍ର କୁମାର୍ ଦେବତା Now one of my fellow citizen may query you know your country better…. then answer me some GK questions….. please please this is not the way…. change your mindset….. knowing means knowing the pulse…. knowing the aspirations….knowing the pain & knowing the cure….
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    • Padma Mishra In my village when i use RTI against bjd sarpanchs illigal work he was threatened me now congress sarpanch when i go for demand some public issue he come to beat me.1 thing i see every party corrupt
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    • Samir Padhi Just talking about Lakayukta, lokapal, and corruption AAP can’t come to power. Who will Address development and job creation. Why should people go to bangallore, Gujurat, hyderabad , bombay or kolkata. I request AAP to discuss about development issues.
    • Bikash Meher Our beloved CM is an over rated and in effective bureaucrat ( I don’t think he is a politician),thriving only on the plank of center negligence( which is also true).Odisha deserve a better politician not belonging to any lineage or clan
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    • Sandeep Sahu but where is the arvind kejriwal in odisha who can present a viable alternative to NaPa?
    • Satyaswarup Mohanty I agree with Dhanada Mishra sir on the point that internal reforms in the present existing mainstream parties could obviate the need for another option, whether it is AAP or any other outfit. Cong has its own ideology, BJP has its own unique ideology,b…See More
    • Santosh Pradhan Arvind Kejriwal cant be replicated in each state.However, we must ensure the most corrupt and debauhed party doesnt come to power.In the context of Odisha BJD and congress are two sides of same coin .The supremo of one party recommends for every monumental scam and the supremo of another approves it in center.It is high time all non-BJD and Non-Congis in Odisha must come together.
    • Gurudatta Panda Ranjan Nayak— A state where there is no pass fail system upto class 10th, now class 10th also left the pass fail system, how we can demand that our people are literate??
      Punishment for wrong did is banned in schools, now situation is like that students commonly misbehaves teachers and there is no learning environment in Govt Schools!!
      Most of the Govt teachers are busy with rally for salary hike, permanent job, election duty, census… how our teaching system is visible, consequently I can damn sure more than 70% of Odisha board student in class 8th can not write their name in any language!! How I can tell that they are literate?
      And you talking about public?
      A public who does not know what is RTI act, what is their right of service despite being cheated by Govt offices, and only know to give bribe for get their job done, how can I claim they are educated?

      Still I beg sorry for saying the naked truth!!