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BJD workers misbehave woman journalist during hartal in Odisha


Bhubaneswar: Even as the ruling BJD in Odisha claims to pay due respect to women and working towards women empowerment, its party workers yet to follow the principles of their political outfit, which was formed in name of legendary Biju Patnaik.

The height of arrogance and egoism of the BJD workers was clearly seen when the protesters observing hartal against union government over fuel price hike misbehaved a woman journalist, who is working with a leading media organisation here today.

The protesters misbehaved the woman journalist when she was moving towards office on her two wheeler vehicle near Patia Big Bazaar square this morning. When she showed her press card and requested them to allow her to go to office, the protesters asked her to go back and threatened her to face consequence if she disobeys their order.

“The so-called peaceful hartal is not peaceful at all. First I was stopped near Nandan Vihar where the protesters allowed me to go after showing my identity card. When I moved further the protesters near Patia Big Bazaar stopped my vehicle and asked me to go back. I showed my identity card but they did not listen to me anything and misbehaved me,” said the woman journalist.

You are a journalist and you did not know today the BJD is observing strike? Nobody will be allowed to move from here, the protesters told the woman journalist.

When she asked them how to reach office if they obstruct her on the way, they said to go on other routes or else go back to home.

We do not know anything. Whether you were a media person or not, we will not allow you to cross an inch further. We do not care whether the strike gets media coverage or not but many media houses are there to cover the protest. We are observing hartal for you people remaining off our duty, but you are desperate to work in office and get salary, the protestors told the woman journalist.

“Either Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who is the president of BJD, has not briefed them well about hartal or the protestors have not a civic sense and they do not know definition of hartal. They are behaving like goons and do not know manner how to treat women and patients. Several people having medical case were requesting the BJD workers to allow them to go, but their pleas went in vain,” she told Odisha Sun Times.

“Finally, I reached the office taking a different route via Canal road. I was thinking if a woman journalist having her press card is facing such situation during protest, what would have been happening with others,” she said.