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BJD manifesto a ‘waste paper’, mocks Odisha BJP


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, Mar 30:

Mocking the BJD for its tall promises made in the manifesto released yesterday, the Odisha unit of BJP today said the manifesto was a waste paper since the ruling party had failed to fulfill the promises it made during the 2009 elections.

“Even though the people of the state have reposed faith in the party for last 14 years, it has betrayed the people. The manifesto is meant to garner votes for the party in the coming elections,” said Sajjan Sharma, spokesperson of the party.

Sajjan Sharma, BJP Leader
Sajjan Sharma, BJP Leader

Referring to the BJD’s promise in its manifesto to convert all kutcha houses in the state to pucca houses, Sharma said the samer promise was made by Biju Patnaik, when he was in Utkal Congress in 1967. “Now, the son is reiterating the promise of his father, which was never fulfilled. Naveen Patnaik, who ruled the state for 14 years, has now realized that people are living in a precarious condition in the state. The promise to convert kutcha houses into pucca houses is only a poll gimmick of the party to gain votes,” said Sharma.

The party also ridiculed the BJD claim of creating employment opportunities in the coming years.

“It had promised to provide employment opportunities to 15 lakh youths in 2009 manifesto. But no youths have got jobs during the tenure of BJD as 12 lakh registered youth are still running from pillar to post in search of jobs. What can be a bigger fraud than this. The party could not keep its promise during its three terms in the government,” said the party.

It also attacked the party for not fulfilling the promises to meet the primary infrastructure needs in the areas of road communication, drinking water, electrification, irrigation, agriculture and education in both rural and urban areas of the state.  “It has promised to provide basic facilities to the people. But the irony is that the government has failed to provide drinking water in Ganjam district, the home district of chief minister Naveen Patnaik. What could be ridiculous than the fact that the chief minister himself heads the water resource department,” said the party in the release.

The party also lashed out at BJD for failing to provide irrigation in last 14 years.

It has failed to provide loan to farmers as a result thousands of farmers have committed suicide in the state. It had promised to provide free electricity to the farmers. It seems the government has the habit to forget the promises, said Sharma.