BJD bending rules to use public exchequer for votes: Niranjan

Bhubaneswar: Odisha’s ruling Biju Janata Dal (BJD) is bending all rules and regulations in their desperation to somehow win the upcoming elections, Pradesh Congress Chief Niranjan Patnaik alleged here today.

This government which had completely forgotten the issues of the farmers in last 19 years has suddenly woken up few days before the elections and announced the KALIA scheme. Despite fund crunch for pre existing schemes, the BJD government went ahead with KALIA scheme and diverted the contingency fund for this purpose. In first phase the BJD government utilized 764 crores from contingency funds for KALIA and now in second phase again utilized 510 crores, Niranjan stated quoting reliable sources.

This shows the real face of Naveen Patnaik, whose government has completely failed to provide relief to the farmers of the state in case of natural calamities and disaster, alleged Patnaik.

He further said, the state’s debt burden is going to touch 95,000 crores and is rising rapidly. On the other hand, BJD is trying its best to woo voters by distributing money officially. For this, the state government has already withdrawn huge amount from contingency funds. Also it has distributed 250 crores from Farmers Welfare fund. The funds of 32 different departments have been re-appropriated and 622 crores from these sources have been diverted for KALIA. In last two assembly elections, it was alleged that BJD is distributing huge amount of money to garner votes. But this time they are distributing money from government funds officially. This is clear violation of the rules which was never seen in political history of Odisha. BJP government at the center is also not lagging behind. They have started shedding crocodile tears for farmers and distributing money officially through bank accounts to woo voters. When the common man is heavily burdened with so many taxes both BJD and BJP governments are misusing the funds to gain voters. The common mass should understand their hidden agenda, said Patnaik.

He said, BJD knows that it is going to lose in coming election. So they are announcing schemes without any planning and funds allocation. This is the reason for which they are misusing the funds in their desperate attempt to impress the voters. This is clear violation of the official rules, regulation and guidelines. BJP is also following the same path. Meanwhile BJP government has transferred 2000 each to some voters account. This is not going to help them in anyway. The voters of Odisha are smart and can see through the games of the BJD and BJP and will give a befitting reply to them in the upcoming Assembly and General elections, said the veteran Congress leader.

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