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Bird flu in Odisha’s Puri: Culling begins, Min announces compensation


Puri: A day after carcasses of fowls were tested positive for bird flu in Krushnaprasad block of Odisha’s Puri district, the local administration today initiated culling of birds in the affected villages.

A total of ten Rapid Response Teams have been formed for the culling, reports said. On the other hand, Fisheries and Animal Resources Development Minister Pradeep Maharathy said compensation will be provided to those being affected in the culling.

The culling of birds will be carried out in all poultry farms in Sanasahi, Maluda, Alanda and Patharaganja villages of Krushnaprasad block. The district officials have been asked to cull birds and dispose the carcasses and infected materials as well as restrict access to infected areas.

The operation will be carried out within one KM radius of the affected villages and surveillance will be done within 10 km radius of the epicentre. Besides, incoming and outgoing of poultry products have been restricted in the affected areas.

Vishal Gagan, Secretary, Fisheries and Animal Resources Development Department said that there is no reason to panic as chickens from the affected areas have not been supplied to markets.

In view of the avian influenza, the district administration has decided to prohibit eggs in mid-day meals of the schools and anganwadis in the concerned areas for ten days.