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‘Bigg Boss 8’: Sonali Raut warns Ali


Mumbai, Oct 28 :

A prank by singer-actor Ali Quli Mirza turned ugly when his “Bigg Boss 8” inmate Sonali Raut reprimanded him for inappropriate behaviour.

Sonali Raut
Sonali Raut

A source from the show’s production team said that while the model-turned-actress was seen getting cosy on a bed with Upen Patel, Ali came and sat beside them and touched Sonali on her knee under the blanket with an intention of playing a prank.

But the whole prank backfired. Sonali immediately asked Ali to back off and also warned him that she will slap him if he did that again.

Ali apologised to Sonali, and clarified that he was just “kidding” and that he had no other negative intention.

Later, Upen also asked Ali not to do so, even if he meant it in humour.

But the ‘Bigg Boss’ was not willing to forgive the behaviour.

All the housemates were asked to assemble in the living area and Ali was fired from the captaincy.

Also, he will not be allowed the right to be a captain ever again throughout his stay in this season. He is also nominated directly for next week’s eliminations.