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Big B hails woman power


Mumbai, May 8:

On the occasion of Mother’s Day on Sunday, megastar Amitabh Bachchan turned the spotlight on woman power, saying women need respect and position as “they are the stronger not the weaker being”.

amitabh bachchanThe 73-year-old star took to his official blog to wish all his fans on Mother’s Day, saying ‘Mothers never come with an expiry date’.

He posted: “They live forever … in peace and in concern. Ironic that on Mother’s day we talk of such. We talk so because a mother passed on, a friend lost his and an entire generation drifted away… gone to the heavens and gone in silence and calm.”

The actor added: “You shall never be able to detract the woman, side step her, ignore and push her to the back ever! Woman is what gives us life, gives us reason to live through, brings and introduces us to the world and blesses us even as we fault or disobey or ignore what we respect as the one that gave birth to us.

“She, the woman, is 50 percent of our strength our existence our presence and they need respect and position and paralleled continuance. They guarantee the future and the present. They are the stronger not the weaker being. They have something that is unfathomable, and than the Lord for that… may it ever remain so.”

The actor also expressed gratitude to mother and even hinted at the demise of Sahara Group chief Subrata Roy’s mother recently.

The “Black” star shared: “A friend loses his mother, on a day when a year passes of a film when the father-daughter relationship (‘Piku’)”.

On the professional front, the actor will be seen in “Pink” and “TE3N”. (IANS)