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Bids invited for lab-equipped vessel to monitor coastal ecology



OST Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Sep 3

As part of the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP) being implemented in the state, the Odisha government has invited bids to procure a sea worthy vessel with built-in laboratory space for monitoring of coastal ecology and research activities on the Paradip Coast.

The vessel would be deployed at Nua Sandhakuda near Pantha Niwas, Paradip for the management of the coastal eco system, sources said.

While bids are being sold between August 29 and September 30, pre-bid meeting is scheduled to be held on September 11. Bids would be opened on October 1 at ICZMP office, Bhubaneswar. The worth of the vessel has been estimated at Rs. 2.5 crore.

In its maiden foray into tracking the health of coastal ecology, Odisha State Pollution Control Board (OSPCB) would be handling an on-board laboratory on the vessel to be procured through the World Bank-funded ICZMP.

The vessel would move along an 80-km stretch of seawater from Paradip to Dhamra for surveillance and monitoring of ecological changes. The vessel is intended to perform only simple scientific studies or observations. It will collect samples of waters from the Paradip- Dhamra stretch, extending to 12 nautical miles from the coast.

“At present, we hire trawlers for monitoring or collecting samples on sea. Once the vessel is acquired, we will be in a position to do long-term monitoring,” said an official of OSPCB.

“Pollution control board has prepared a monitoring protocol comprising tracking of chemical and physical changes in seawater along the coast, measuring biological parameters and air-monitoring,” he said.

Deployment of a vessel with inbuilt laboratory between Paradip and Dhamra assumes significance as Odisha’s coastal ecology is likely to undergo drastic changes in the near future.

Many industries will come up along the coast line while several industries already exist. The Union government has already sanctioned a Petroleum, Chemical and Petrochemical Investment Region (PCPIR) near the port town of Paradip, which would require over 70214 acres of land and is expected to attract investment worth Rs. 2,74,000 crore. Besides petrochemical industries, the region is likely to be the location for a couple of mega steel industries. Similarly, Dhamra already has a big private port. Industries related to steel, power and ship making have also been proposed in the region.

Paradip would remain an important place in the state as three major rivers Mahanadi, Brahmani and Baitarani join the sea near Paradip. The ecology around the place where the rivers meet the sea gives very valuable indicators of coastal health, the official pointed out.

The vessel would have a dedicated crew.