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Beer glass that would double the pleasure!


London, April 9L

You love the taste of bubbly, now taste the glass too! A German firm Spiegelau has developed a brew-specific vessel that has a precise combination of high-end glass and strategic curves for maximising joy for your stout.

The high-end beer glass makes the brew smell better, taste better, maintain its flavour complexity and milky consistency longer.

The firm teamed up with Left Hand Brewing Co and Rogue Ales to build the ultimate stout-delivery vessel.

The developers considered everything from the shape of base to the angle of the bowl and rim to help bring the glass quality in line with the beer quality, said a report in wired.com.

These glasses are silky smooth to the touch.

The new stout glasses feel almost daintily light and thin-walled, but zinc is used to make them more crack-resistant and dishwasher-safe than they seem, the report added.