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Banks’ growth related to social security: Jaitley


Kolkata, Aug 23:

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Sunday said expansion of the central government’s social security schemes will drive growth in the nation’s banking segment.

Arun jaitley“Slowly, as the social reforms expand, the banking segment will also expand,” he said during the inauguration of Bandhan Bank here.

He said the Mudra agency has been able to fund the unfunded segment in the economy to a large extent and the central government will continue its focus for bringing down the number of people in the unbanked segment.

“All government subsidies – school, college, scholarships and LPG subsidies – all state supported subsidies gradually will be given through the banks,” he said.

The minister blamed large corporates and large-scale entities for the banks’ bad loans.

“The (small and medium entrepreneur) segment is not responsible for the NPAs (non-performing assets).”

The NPA rate of these small entrepreneurs is less than one percent. More than 99 percent earn and return what they borrow form institutions.

Jaitley added that technology like mobile wallet would play a crucial role in the progress of the country’s banking segment. (IANS)