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Bachansudha Murder : Dipti Ranjan to be in police remand for 5 days


OST Bureau

Bhubaneswar, Sep 17 :

Diptiranjan Patnaik, the main accused in the high-profile Bachansudha murder case has been sent to police remand for five days following a court order this evening.

The Commissionerate police had sought Dipti’s remand for a detailed interrogation and to ascertain if any other person or persons were involved in the crime and to extract more information on the real motive behind the murder.

The Commisionerate Police said it is leaving no stone unturned to collect all possible evidence against Dipti Ranjan Patnaik, the prime accused in the sensational Bachansudha Patnaik murder case and would conduct psycho-analysis test on him to bring out the truth behind the murder.


Police will be conducting psycho-analysis test on Dipti Ranjan to ascertain whether he was the lone person involved in the murder or there were any other persons involved and what he did with the diamond locket he allegedly stole from Bachansudha’s house.

Police have plans to take prime accused Dipti Ranjan to Gujarat for the psycho-analysis test and if that is not possible, a team from Gujarat will visit here to conduct the test, the police commissioner Dr RP Sharma said.

Dr Sharma who was not present in the city on the day of the crime,visited the spot of the crime and talked to her family members on Monday. Dr Sharma assured them, anyone found to be connected to the crime would not be spared.

Since there were no eyewitnesses to the murder, Dr Sharma said police have  to gather hard evidence against the accused in the first phase and will be recording statements of those he spoke to after committing the murder.

Police have collected finger prints of Dipti Ranjan which will prove to be a strong evidence to nail him.

Key witnesses like the young woman believed to have been Dipti Ranjan’s girlfriend, his relatives at his aunt’s place, the doctor who treated him at Khordha as well as his friend at whose house he left his bicycle after allegedly committing the murder, will all be brought under the ambit of the police investigation, the top cop said.

All those Dipti Ranjan spoke to before and after committing the murder will also come under the purview of the probe. Even his mobile call details will be taken as evidence, said Dr Sharma.