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Athletes from Malaysia join Ekamra Walks in Odisha capital


Bhubaneswar: A special group of eight athletes from Malaysia was part of the Ekamra Walks today visiting heritage sites dating back from 7th Century AD to 15th Century AD, in Odisha capital.

After the first group of 25 walkers had their dose of heritage soul searching early in the day, the coach of the Malayasian athletics team Frank, who was also part of the group which joined the heritage walk today, said, “After a hectic schedule we are now getting time to relax and thus we came to explore the rich culture and heritage of Old Bhubaneswar”.

Another team member Seen Yee said, “The beautiful temples have wonderful carvings and we are delighted to have the opportunity to explore them today.”

Earlier in the day a team of 25 walkers also visited the prominent temples under Ekamra Walks. They included senior citizens and students including pupils from engineering colleges. Among them were a couple Arun Kumar and Shanti from Cochin, who came to the city exclusively to experience the heritage walk along with their little daughter Avantika. They are currently staying in Puri. Arun, an employee of the Defence establishment and his wife, a banker liked Odisha very much and especially the rains as during monsoon the God’s Own Country, as their homestate Kerala is known as, also goes active with tour related activities.