Home CRIME Assets worth Rs.30 lakh looted in Ghaziabad

Assets worth Rs.30 lakh looted in Ghaziabad


Ghaziabad, July 1 :

Robbers looted cash, jewellery and other valuables worth over Rs.30 lakh from two houses in Loni village here, a day after a man was gunned down and Rs.18 lakh looted from him, police said.

The robberies took place Monday night in Agraula area of Loni in Ghaziabad district, police said.

About a dozen robbers armed with pistols, iron rods and knives barged into the house of Phire Ram at 1.30 a.m. and took the entire family hostage.

They locked them inside a room, and looted all the valuables. The robbers then attacked a nearby house belonging to another man also named Phire Ram, and fled the spot.

From the first house, the robbers took 450 grams of gold ornaments, 2.5 kg of silver ornaments and Rs.7 lakh in cash. The total loot was estimated at Rs.25 lakh.

In the second house, the robbers took away valuables worth around Rs.5 lakh.

Neighbours Tuesday morning found both the houses appearing deserted with none of the inhabitants visible. They informed police and helped untie both the families.

A police team has been formed to nab the culprits, said Superintendent of Police Jagdish Sharma.