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Arrest owner of Bhushan Steel Plant : Bijoy Mohapatra

OST Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Nov 13:
bijay mohapatra
Senior BJP leader Bijoy Mohapatra has demanded the immediate arrest of the owner of Bhushan Steel Plant and all others responsible for Wednesday’s accident that claimed a life and  injured 15 persons. He has also asked the state government to order the closure of the plant for an indefinite period and not allow it to re-open until all safety measures are in place and duly certified by appropriate technical authorities.
Talking to OST, the senior BJP leader said while there are dozens of large plants operating in the state, Bhushan Steel is the only one which reports accidents almost every week and what’s more, gets away with it.
 ” It’s a killer plant”, he said adding “Officially the number of  workers who have been killed in factory related accidents inside the Bhushan plant stood at 98 so far, but the actual figure is much higher.”
Mohapatra said he fails to understand why and how the Bhushans have been allowed to operate their plants although their ” propensity to violate all rules and norms with impunity is pretty well known.”
“After every accident in the Bhushan plant, we are told the state government is taking stringent action against the company but nothing happens after that. What happened to the government’s earlier promise to get the plant’s safety systems checked by an expert committee from Khargapur IIT ,” he wondered.


  1. I think this is immature statement of Mr. Bijay Mahapatra. An accident is an accident. For an accident the owner of the plant is not responsible.

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