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Archeologists to probe 5000-yr-old civilisation in Odisha


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, May 26:

The excavation branch of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) Bhubaneswar circle is all set to probe the 5000-year-old civilisation after the major discovery of the Copper Stone Age civilisation on banks of Prachi River near Niali in Cuttack district in Odisha.

The blueprint has been prepared to search more about the ancient civilisation till Astarang in Puri district.

The items including clay and copper weapons, pots and animal bones discovered during excavation by a team led by superintendent archeologist D.B Garnaik at the region on banks of Prachi River revealed about the human habitation’s livelihoods, their life and foods.

Finding the cut marks on the bones the experts assumed that people of the ancient civilisation were hunting the animals for their food. They were sharing the food with each other. The clay pots discovered from the site suggested that these were used in cultivation.

The site, where the items belonging to the 5000 years civilisation of Copper Stone Age were discovered recently, was searched 10 years ago. But, nothing was found at that period, said Garnaik.

As the land is a private property, we need to have permission from the concerned land owner for further excavation. However, the items and materials discovered from the site reveal that there was a civilisation 4000-5000 years ago in the area, he said.

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