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Applicants to get DLs and RCs by post from Feb 1


Reported by Santosh Jagdev
Bhubaneswar, Jan 7:

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With a view to minimize the difficulties experienced by applicants in obtaining Driving Licenses (DL) and Registration Certificates (RC) from the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) in the state, the State Government has decided to dispatch the DL/RC by Speed Post/Registered post.

A notification sent by the State Government’s Commerce and Transport Department to all RTOS on January 1 has stated that the service will come into force in the state from February 1 this year.

Talking to OST, Bhubaneswar RTO Lalmohan Sethi said “The present practice of collecting the DL and RC in person by applicants from the Office of the RTOs will be dispensed with and such licenses and certificates will be sent to the applicants’ address as stated in the applications by Speed Post/Registered post.”

“For this purpose, the dispatch fees and handling charges will be borne by the applicant concerned. It will be added to the present fees for different purposes of obtaining DLs/RCs. Rs 20 will be charged from applicants if the address falls in the municipal area where the RTO office is situated and Rs 40 from those who live outside,” the RTO said.

The service will minimize the number of visitors coming to the RTO office to collect their DLs/RCs, Sethi hoped. Besides, this will also act as a check to ensure that the applicants provide correct residential address while applying for DLs/RCs and to prevent unscrupulous people from applying for DLs/RCs with false addresses.

Sethi said, “If the DL/RC sent to the applicant by post returns back to us, it will provide us an opportunity to verify the document in case it was done with fake address by an applicant.”

Besides, it will check the sporting of illegal registration numbers in motor vehicles by applicants, Sethi informed.