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App to reveal ‘hidden persona’ through tweets


London, Feb 18:

A British psychotherapist has developed an app that according to her can reveal your “hidden persona” by analysing what you tweet.

Pic courtesy:www. theverge.com
Pic courtesy:www. theverge.com

The application developed by Sandra Scott is based on an algorithm that searches keywords and expressions of emotion that puts people into one of the four categories – passionate, materialistic, egoist and mischievous, Express.co.uk reported.

“Most of us have some aspect of ourselves which we are not fully aware of, a sort of ‘hidden persona’,” Scott said.

“It is interesting to see how we can unconsciously reveal this part of ourselves through the use of social media, which was one of the reasons I wanted to be involved in this project,” she said.

With the use of this new tool, the researchers have found that 72 per cent of Britain’s Twittereti have a dark side. The app can now be accessed on the website for Apothic wine, www.apothic.co.uk. IANS