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App to make women better leaders


London, April 13 :

Do you want another pay rise this financial year? Download this app to fulfil your ambition.

The French government has launched an app to teach leadership skills to women.

(cartoon courtesy : www.newtimes.co.rw)
(cartoon courtesy : www.newtimes.co.rw)

The recently launched ‘Leadership Pour Elles’ application is described as an “unusual, practical and free tool to help women progress in their careers” by offering them “simple, efficient, detailed advice”.

The app first assesses the user by asking questions such as if one could act like a leader; whether one surrounds herself with a good team; if one knows how to network, etc., reported The Guardian.

Based on the answers, the app decides the category of the user. For example, one can be an “apprentice leader”.

In that case, the app would suggest the user to learn to count to three before responding to a question to show that the user is thinking, to use silence to defuse situations and to spend 20 percent of one’s working day networking, among other things.

It will advise the user develop an “amiable smile”, keep calm, recognise emotions in herself and others but not to be “sentimental”.

Finally, if one wants a pay rise, one has to ask.

“Salary rises and promotions won’t happen automatically like good school marks, when you have worked hard,” the app counsels. “A manager tends to give priority to those who ask. Women don’t ask often enough.”