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Anwesh was ‘jealous’ of wife Sharmistha’s income, say investigators


Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Hyderabad, Mar 30:

The Crime Branch team of the Hyderabad police that had arrested Anwesh Ray of Odisha, son of Jnanapith award winning Odia writer Pratibha Ray, in connection with the death of his wife Sharmistha seven years ago, has revealed that the husband was jealous of his wife as she was earning more than him.

The Crime Branch police, however, refused to divulge the details of her mysterious death since the investigation is underway.

It may be mentioned that Sharmistha died after falling from her Srinagar Colony apartment at Banjara Hills in Hyderabad on March 24, 2007, the day her mother-in-law was conferred with the Jnanapith Award by the President of India in New Delhi.

At the time of her death, Sharmistha was seven months pregnant.

Police, which was on the hunt for Anwesh since the day of the mishap, finally nabbed him from Bengaluru on March 21 this year.

File pic of Anwesh's wedding
File pic of Anwesh’s wedding

At the time of his arrest, the Crime Branch police came to know that Anwesh was staying with his second wife.

A software graduate from the BITS Pilani, Sharmistha was working in an IT firm as a software engineer along with Anwesh who is also a software engineer.


  1. Shame on you, Sun Times for such shoddy reporting!! Anwesh was never absconding, He is a top student from BITS, Pilani and from what I know for a fact, worked very hard to help her get better mentally. You know nothing about mental illness and are a lazy tabloid, not a newspaper.

    • We welcome your note and expect you to send us information on the ‘truth’. Rest assured, it will get published in this ‘lazy tabloid’. OST Desk

  2. OST desk, so is this the way you get your information. Throw an egg at someone’s face and then ask the people around about the reasons and circumstances about what prompted you to throw that egg at somebody!!! there’s something called hard work and investigative journalism, are you familiar with these words?

    • We have quoted police sources and information officially released to the media. That is the source of our information. While we choose not to join issues with you, we repeat our commitment to publish the ‘other’ views as well, provided the senders identify themselves properly. Thanks. OST Desk

  3. Excellent reporting! After 7 years, justice may finally be served to an innocent girl who is dead and gone. It is clear that some people are trying to suppress the case. I don’t understand what the other commentators are talking about- where do they get such private information from, unless they are biased family members and friends of Anwesh.

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