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Anubhav Versus Babusaan: The showdown


– an Odia movie buff

The face-off between Odisha’s two leading production houses, Sarthak and Tarang has taken a new turn with the release of two films for the Durga Puja season. So is the showdown between Anubhav and Babusaan, as lead actors.

Jaga Hatare Pagha of Tarang Cine Productions is an action movie and a remake of a Marathi film, Lai Bhaari.


Anubhav, as the lead actor, in a double role with a lot of melodrama sometimes goes overboard. He has the scope to showcase the best of his acting ability but falls short. Veteran actress Mahasweta delivers a power packed performance as a central character. Buddhaditya fills the void of a stylish villain in the Odia film industry. He is nothing short of spectacular. Bengali beauty, Jhilik, a young Elina and Minaketan have performed well, fulfilling the demand of the script. Asit Das also makes a comeback as a negative character after a long time.

Premanad, as the music director had the perfect opportunity to make use of the “Lord Jagannath” context and work his magic around it. But he has somehow failed to deliver a good devotional song. However, the Anubhav –Jhilik song ‘Dil Ghuturugu’ definitely deserves applause.

The man behind the camera, Abhiram Mishra, has done well. The dialogue writer, Nirmal Nayak does not keep a steady flow of words. To top it all, background music is a sheer drag. The director, Murali Krishna fails to hold the pace of the movie till the end. The title of the movie and its poster are a misnomer for the Odia audience. In spite of a potentially good storyline, the script has failed to cast its magic on the audience.

My take on Jaga Hatare Pagha is two out of five stars.

It has always been a strategy of Sarthak movies to promote and publicize their movies to the maximum. A rom-com, Bhala Paae Tate 100 Ru 100, has failed to choose the right content for Odia audience. Babushan has been under used in his potential as comic and romantic actor. Sheetal, Surmayee, Debasish and Harihar Mohapatra have played the key characters, display average acting skills.

bhala pae tate 100 ru 100

Probably for the first time, Sarthak has produced a movie with forgettable music. Vikash Das fails to produce good tracks.

Yet it is a well-made movie that entertains with classic comic dialogues and timing. The audience went to watch a romantic comedy and the movie delivered. Sudhansu Sahoo is popular for action movies. However, he has taken up a different genre altogether and gave a good treatment to the script. This movie almost succeeds to entertain the audience.

My take on Bhala Paae Tate Ru 100 Ru 100 is two-and-a-half out of five stars.