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Anti-clockwise signal soon in traffic posts in Odisha capital


Bhubaneswar: In view of increasing traffic congestion in the smart city Bhubaneswar, Commissionerate police decided to bring change in existing traffic signal system like Delhi by installing anti-clockwise signal soon in traffic posts.

Initially, the new system has been installed in three major traffic posts — Kalpana, AG Square and 120 Battalion square — as a pilot project. Other traffic posts will be upgraded with the new anti-clockwise system after success of the project in three traffic posts.

The traffic congestion especially in AG, Kalpana, Nalco, Khandagiri and Rupali square has become a major challenge for the traffic police in Bhubaneswar. The situation goes worse in the evening when the commuters have to wait for long to cross a square.

Delhi police in the national capital has come up with traffic congestion solution by installing the anti-clockwise signal system in some major traffic posts. Keeping the success in mind, Commissionerate police has decided to give that type of signal to the commuters here.

Several accidents are reported in most of traffic posts due to existing pattern of traffic signal. The commuters both two wheelers and four wheelers are always in hurry to cross the square by increasing the speed soon after the traffic police gives green signal. Recently, a youth died after a Scorpio hit him at Rupali square. Such type of instances is in galore in the police record, said police commissioner YB Khurania.