Odisha Sun Times Bureau
Bhubaneswar, Jun 23:

Two days after a budding actor levelled casting couch and sexual harassment allegations against Odisha actor-turned-politician Papu Pom Pom, yet another aspiring actor today came forward and revealed Pappu’s sexual escapades with female counterparts. papu pom pom 2“I wanted to be an actor. That is why I was in touch with him. I did not know that he is such a fraud. I did not know that he misbehaves so badly. I learnt it later that he misbehaves with girls. He even used to misbehave with me,” said the actor speaking to our sister concern Kanak News on conditions of anonymity.

Upon being questioned, what exactly she means by “misbehave”, the actor explained, “touching inappropriately at wrong places and you know…I can’t speak of it”. “It doesn’t suit an actor. Yes, it might be different while shooting for a movie, but not in other places.”

When we pressed further for a direct answer and asked if she was pressed to pursue a physical relationship, the actor added, “Yes, he did propose me to have sexual relations with him; however, I did not accept it.”

“Once he called me to Muna’s house and misbehaved with me there. He promised me to give a chance in acting. That is why I didn’t take up this incident with others. Besides, I don’t belong to a league that can challenge his might. So, I went wherever he called me and did whatever he asked me to,” she said, speaking of one of the many terrible experiences she had encountered with Papu.

“He reminded me how he brought me to the sets. He promised me to give me a break in acting. Given my weakness for acting, I did swing towards him and did whatever he expected of me, even though I didn’t like it. However, if you ask me what kind of a person he is, I will tell you: he is a bad man,” she concluded.

Even though we spoke to Papu and requested him to explain his side of the story, he refused to comment.