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‘Anonymous’ releases data from Chinese govt websites


Beijing, Oct 13 :

The ‘Anonymous’ group of computer hackers has delivered on its promise and released confidential data from two official Chinese websites in a show of support for the pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong, the South China Morning Post reported Monday.

Anonymous HackersAnonymous released hundreds of phone numbers and email and mailing addresses of the Ningbo Free Trade Zone in eastern Zhejiang province and also data from a job search site in the same province.

Shortly before the information from the websites was posted, the Chinese government had admitted that these web pages were under cyber attack.

It is not known why Anonymous chose these two websites which, in theory, are of little relevance and have no links with the protests.

The group has declared that it has already accessed more than fifty official pages, data from which it might be releasing soon.

This is the group’s second intervention in Hong Kong’s “Umbrella Revolution”.

Earlier this month, it targeted several Hong Kong websites in retaliation for the use of tear gas and coercive measures by the police against the demonstrators who are demanding universal suffrage in upcoming municipal elections.