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Anil Kapoor comes from Dubai to Chandigarh for Kirron


Mumbai, April 7 :

Actor Anil Kapoor flew down from Dubai to be in Chandigarh to campaign for his close friend Anupam Kher’s wife Kirron Kher, who is contesting the Lok Sabha election on a BJP ticket.

Anil Kapoor
Anil Kapoor

Anil, who was in Dubai for the shooting of “Welcome Back”, flew in to Chandigarh Sunday to be by his friend’s side, leaving Anupam overwhelmed.

On Sunday, when the crew took a day off, Anil decided to take the opportunity to be with Kirron in Chandigarh. He flew to Delhi and then drove to Chandigarh. He campaigned the entire day with Kirron and then flew back to Dubai late in the night.

Overwhelmed by the gesture, Anupam said: “Anil didn’t have to do this. But he had a day off from shooting in Dubai. So he travelled all the way from Dubai to Chandigarh to support Kirron.”

“I wonder where Anil gets such energy to be in many different places at the same time. Not many of my friends from Mumbai would do what Anil has done. I am too overwhelmed to say anything more.”

Anupam and Anil had their phase of a cold war when the two had differences of opinion over Anil’s decision to produce “Gandhi, My Father” at a time when Anupam was planning a film on the Mahatma.

All these differences are now a thing of the past.