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Anger against Jena duo spreads to official Odisha Cong FB account!


Reported by Chinmaya Dehury

Bhubaneswar, Mar 21:

Anger against the ‘Jena duo’ has now spread from the real to the virtual world. Peeved party workers are now venting out their anger against the style of functioning of campaign committee chief Srikant Jena and PCC president Jayadev Jena on the official Facebook account of the party, originally meant to spread the message of the party around.

Odisha Congress

“OUST JENAS AND SAVE CONGRESS. Disturbing elements are entering the Odisha Congress, We must stop them,” screams a post on the Congress’ Facebook account, which even got 40 likes and several comments.

A photo posted on the account read that the autocratic attitude of Jaydev Jena and Srikant Jena is responsible for the dismal fate of the Odisha Congress.

However, party sources maintained that it was the creation of Dr Abhinna Kumar Hota, former chairman of the Congress social media and some other leaders. A few days back, Hota joined BJP while some others, including Sasmit Patra, who were in charge of the party’s social media cell, have left the party blaming the Jena brothers for mismanaging the party.

“The manner in which congress tickets were distributed in Odisha is really disturbing. It was clandestine, unethical, undemocratic and arbitrary. I feel dejected after working for this party for last 30 years. I have sent my resignation as chairman, social media to Congress president Smt. Sonia Gandhi. After consulting all my co soldiers from across the country, I have joined BJP,” said a post by Dr. Hota in the account, which has got several likes and comments.

When asked, Hota admitted that he had posted his resignation and vented out his anger against the undemocratic functioning of the party. “Since I have created the Facebook account, I have posted the news about my resignation after I left the party. I have no intention to blame the party or anyone,” he said talking to OST.

He, however, denied posting the picture of workers holding placards in front of Congress Bhawan and blaming the Jena duo for ruining the party.