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An app to track employees, increase productivity


Kochi, June 16:

A start-up company in Kochi is all set to launch a mobile phone application to track the movement of their employees and monitor performance.

man using mobileThe company Transight Systems Pvt. Ltd has come up with the app Seefones — a cloud-based mobile application — that will help field executives take orders against listed customers with product, quantity and pricing details.

The app also helps the managers to keep tabs on the performance of their team members besides real-time tracking and offline tracking along with facilities like route-tracing. It will also assist in increasing the employees’ productivity.

“The phone which has Seefones employee application will always be under the surveillance of the employer and can get all the details in his office, which includes tracking, punching, orders taken, call log and contact synchronisation,” said Transight managing director Feroz Rehman on Tuesday.

This app also helps in bringing live-visibility to the entire workforce through a single-window even when the employee’s phone is out of coverage area.

For companies, the application will help in keeping all corporate contacts and call records intact, and helping in customer follow-up as all the marketing calls will be recorded.

“We have received positive response for Seefones from not less than 50 test runs we conducted,” said Gis George, Transight executive chairman. (IANS)