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All you need to know about skin care during Odisha winter

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Bhubaneswar: With foggy mornings and chilly evenings, winter is finally upon Odisha after it rained cats and dogs for a couple of days. Bring out the sweaters while enjoying hot beverages in long wintry evenings and not to forget the bouts of runny noses and dry skin, its accompanying mates.

Winter is no fun for skin as cold weather and low humidity steals away the natural moisture leaving it dry and flaky. Odisha Sun Times spoke to beauty specialists on do’s and don’ts to keep the skin soft and glowing in Odisha winter.


A good moisturiser and daily moisturising are keys to hydrate the skin during winters. It is advisable to follow the cleansing, toning and moisturising routine, the holy triumvirate of skin care regimen, strictly.

Cleanser, toner and moisturiser are the primary winter facial care products
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“Moisturing creams and essential oils can work wonders on the skin. However, one must avoid exfoliation during this season along with washing the face or bathing in warm water, as it results in dryness, ” advises Subashree Hati (Romma), founder of MakeUp By Romma.

Use of foundation and compact powder is also a strict no-no in this season, as they also contribute to dryness.

Sun protection

Diligent use of sunscreen is a must during winter season too (representative image) Picture courtesy: Shutterstock

Priyanka Mishra of Naturals (Cuttack) says, “Though sun rays may not be as strong during winter, protection from it is essential. A sunblock cream must be used to safeguard the skin against ultraviolet rays and applied diligently on the face and all over the body.”

Goodness of coconut oil

Odia households are no strangers to the goodness of coconut oil. Extracted from coconuts, this homemade oil is an elixir for winter skin.

Coconut oil extracted at home is called ‘maraa nadia tela’ Picture courtesy: www.caribbeannewsservice.com

Listing the goodness of coconut oil, Romma said, “Add a couple of spoons of coconut oil to normal water and bathe in it. You will not need to apply any kind of lotion on your body. Similarly, soak the base of your socks in coconut oil and wear them overnight; your feet will remain soft and heels will not crack. A drop of this oil on the navel at night is also a trick to escape chaffed lips.”


Regular facial treatment in beauty salons aids skin care during winters (representative image) Picture courtesy: www.makeupandbeauty.com

Regular facial treatments by professionals and experts also helps in this season. However, the type of skin (normal, dry, oily and combination) is a determining factor in choosing a treatment. Priyanka suggests hydra moisture masks for dry skin (predominatly opted for by women in Kashmir and north eastern part of India) and clari moist moisturiser for oily skin to beat the effects of winter.

Home Remedies

Many women opt to make their own masks and facials at home, rather than relying on commercial beauty products Picture courtesy: http://ingrid.zcubes.com

Sukirti, founder of Indulge Salon, swears by home remedies such as use of eggs, honey, curd, turmeric and aloe vera as age-old tricks that work their magic on skin, keeping it soft and supple. “These things are readily available in Odia households and one can easily whip up DIY masks and pastes from these and not spend on beauty products. Furthermore, a good diet and exercise supplement in winter skin care too,” she adds.

Not leaving the men behind…

Moisturising is as essential for men, as it is for women. However, those following the rules of no-shave November have the added responsibility of taking care of their mustaches and beards as well. “One tablespoon of coconut oil, mixed with a couple of drops of apple cider vinegar can help get rid of beard itching, scalp itching and also skin irritation,” recommends Romma.

Romma also advises men to take care of their cuticles during winter by soaking their hands in warm water and massaging them with coconut oil or olive oil (representative image) Picture courtesy: www.themalegroomingdoctor.com

Sukirti, on the other hand, advises men to use a non-foaming mild facewash twice a day in winter and a light moituriser immediately afterwards. “For those men with an oily skin, an oil-free moisturiser is a must-have to keep the skin hydrated,” she adds.