Mitrabhanu Mohanty*

When I was in school, I had once asked my father the definition of success. He answered, “Success is like climbing Mount Everest.”

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He went on to explain that, to climb Mt. Everest, one needed to set a goal, gauge weather conditions and take necessary  equipment and precaution. One cannot aimlessly land on Mount Everest with a helicopter or a parachute. If you do that, you will succumb to death within minutes. Therefore, do not look for any short-cut to achieve success.

Success is a journey and you have to travel the entire length of it.

Moreover, you cannot put up a tent and stay at the peak of Everest permanently. If you have ascended to the top, a time will come when you will have to descend, as well. And this is an important lesson for generations to come.

The only thing that you can do is give your best throughout. And you will be rewarded with whatever destiny has in store for you.

My father may be no more. But the wisdom that he imparted will stay with me forever.

The writer is Akshaya Mohanty’s son and a singer.