Trupti Das*

I have so many memories with Akshaya Mohanty that it is difficult for me to pick out just one. He was a lyricist, music director, writer, actor and director all rolled into one. Without any formal training in classical music, he has scaled unparalleled heights in the world of music in Odisha. He has sung for 129 movies, written about 4000 songs and worked as a music director in 92 movies.

akshaya mohanty 4

He was a far-sighted individual who had the vision of an open-minded society. He fabricated his songs with the problems and conditions of society as the canvas. For example, dowry is a social evil and hence his song, ‘Jautuka Naba Chadhaa, Kanya Paiba Tedha’ (A hiked dowry may result in a crooked bride).

His motive was to inculcate moral values in the society. He detested casteism. To me, he was a visionary who wanted to develop the society. Therefore, his songs spoke of day-to-day matters and issues of the society which were related to people.

The writer is a renowned singer.