Omprakash Mohanty*

I am falling short of words to describe such a talented individual like Akshaya Mohanty. It is my good luck that I had the opportunity to work with him, like playing the guitar and assisting him in some movies like ‘Swapna Sagara’, ‘Danda Balunga’, etc.

akshay mohanty

His style of working, his way of composing and writing has a stark contrast from that of the others. We were recording a song at Kalinga Studios one day. In the middle of setting a tune, he looked at me and out of the blue said, “Sing this song.” I was assumed that he wanted me to lend my voice for a dummy recording because he asked me to record the song and play the guitar simultaneously. That song was written by Vinod Nanda and my co-singer was Archana Nanda. The day the contract was signed, I realized that the singer on the gramophone record was none other than me. Such was his genius.

Yes, he was moody. If he did not feel like it or got irritated, he would stop working. But if he was in the mood, he would begin composing, no matter where he was: be it on the road, near the betel shop or even while driving. He did not require a harmonium or a recording room for that.

His intellect was not just limited to romanticism; he was a voracious reader and writer. But definitely, romanticism was his forte and he remains unparalleled in that.

The writer is a music director and singer.