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Akshay raps live at ‘Dare 2 Dance’ launch


New Delhi, Sep 3 :

Bollywood action star Akshay Kumar Wednesday enlivened the launch event of the forthcoming reality show “Dare 2 Dance” by rapping the title song, which he has also penned himself. His rap was catchy, but Akshay thinks otherwise.

Akshay Kumar (source: bornrich.com)
Akshay Kumar
(source: bornrich.com)

The actor, looking dapper suited booted, entered the stage and started rapping like a professional with the audio of the song playing in the background. He did a little jig with two contestants of the show as well.

“I consider myself a bad singer. These guys (the channel officials) wanted someone with a ‘besura awaaz’ (tuneless voice), so I had no choice but to do it,” he quipped.

Akshay, who is the host and mentor on the show, says he felt a strong connect with “Dare 2 Dance” as it mixes the two worlds of dance and adventure. That’s why he went out of his way to ensure that it had an edge over other reality shows.

Ajit Thakur, executive vice president and general manager of channel Life OK, which will air the show starting Saturday, said when he took the idea of doing a dance-based reality show in a studio to Akshay, the actor gave an innovative suggestion: “Don’t have a set!”

“He took the show to a different level. We started with something small, and he has made it so big,” Thakur said.

Akshay said: “I didn’t want the stage to be on the floor. I wanted it to be in mid-air, underwater, on ice…I wanted to see how to make this show different.”

The “Dare 2 Dance” team gave a glimpse of what’s in store in the show, which was shot in the picturesque landscapes of Cape Town in South Africa.

Two of the contestants even displayed their dancing talent live during the launch.