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Aishwarya turns 41, spends time with family, loved ones


Mumbai, Nov 1 :

Actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, who turned 41 Saturday, said she hasn’t slept since Friday as she was spent the entire time with her “family, friends and loved ones”.

“I thank everyone for the wishes. It’s been a great day. It’s been a nice family day. I spent my day with my family, friends, loved ones. Last night (Friday), my friends and family came home and I haven’t slept since last night. Aaradhya also woke up early, and so it’s been a busy day,” Aishwarya told reporters during an interaction at her house Janak.

Aish“There was no defined routine. I just spent time with my family and friends,” she said.

The actress, who looked stunning and elegant as always, said she was in a happy space.

Asked what was the secret behind her beauty, Aishwarya said: “It’s because of the love and the good wishes. I am in a happy space and feeling blessed. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If you are asking me if I am feeling good, then yes, I am feeling good. Life has become better and better with each passing day.”

On whether it was a double celebration as her husband Abhishek Bachchan’s “Happy New Year” was doing well, she said: “It’s been a great year. I think it’s really sweet of Shah Rukh and Gauri that they are holding a success party tonight (Saturday).”

Aishwarya said she never has any wish on her birthday.

“I never ask for any wishes. I ask for everyone’s wellness and happiness… I never ask for myself,” she said.

Special plans for Aish’s daughter’s birthday

Aishwarya said she is planning a special birthday for her daughter Aaradhya Nov 16.

“Yes, I am planning for her birthday as it not far away,” she said.

Aaradhya will turn three on Nov 16.

“When she turned one year old, I thought of celebrating her birthday with close family members… Last year, we had a big celebration and I had called kids. It was like her first wedding. This year I am planning to keep it a mix of both,” she said.

When asked if her daughter realizes its her mother’s birthday, Aishwarya said: “She recognizes its her mother’s birthday…”

“Last year it was all about her singing which happened this year also and with a lot of clarity.

“She also knows that her birthday is also coming,” said a beaming Aishwarya.