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AirAsia India announces new flights from Delhi


New Delhi, May 20:

Low-cost carrier AirAsia India on Wednesday said its new flights from New Delhi to Bengaluru, Goa and Guwahati will be operational from Thursday.

pic: www.ainonline.com
pic: www.ainonline.com

AirAsia India is offering an all-inclusive promotional fare, as low as Rs.1,700, for flights from New Delhi to Bengaluru and Goa and Rs.1,500 from New Delhi to Guwahati and vice versa.

“We are very excited about coming into New Delhi and setting it up as our north region hub,” said Mittu Chandilya, chief executive officer, AirAsia India.

“Our entry into New Delhi market is a sign of confidence in our business model and in our performance that we can come into a highly saturated market and help expand the market by providing connectivity to the underserved,” Chandilya said.

“We will continue to build our network throughout India through both our northern and southern hubs,” he added. (IANS)