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Sun Times’, the first complete broadsheet English newspaper in Odisha published by Eastern Media Ltd, is now available to you in a new Avtaar – www.odishasuntimes.com

Publisher :
Eastern Media Limited
B-1, Rasulgarh Industrial Estate,
Bhubaneswar, Odisha

Chairman & Editor-in-Chief Soumya Ranjan Patnaik

Soumya Ranjan Patnaik is a household name in Odisha.

Former professor of Political Science at BHU and the former Bhubaneswar MP, Patnaik is the chairman of Eastern Media Limited (EML), which is now the biggest media conglomerate in the state with the highest circulated, multi edition Odia daily Sambad which has a combined readership of 6 million, an FM radio station (Radio Choklate), a 24X7 Odia news channel (Kanak TV) and a 24×7 English news portal www.odishasuntimes.com. It also publishes weekly Odia film magazine, Cine Sambad, monthly literary magazine Katha and feature magazine Pourusha.

Eastern Media Ltd also has an Entertainment Wing producing movies, opera shows and music albums.

The OST Core Editorial Team

Ayaskant Das, the Executive Editor, has worked in both print and online with a number of media organisations, including OTV and The Common Times.

Chinamayee Dash, the Content Writer, has worked with online and print media. She has worked with The News Insight, Political and Business Daily, naxatra news in Bhubaneswar before joining www.odishasuntimes.com

Biswajeet Swain, the Content Writer, has worked with the digital wing of a regional newspaper before joining www.odishasuntimes.com

The www.odishasuntimes.com team is assisted by nearly 500 reporters and stringers from across the state who work for Odisha’s No 1 daily Sambad and the popular 24×7 news channel Kanak News.