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Abolakara Kahani- Children stories from Odisha go digital


Bhubaneswar: Abolakara Kahani (stories) that fascinates children taking them to the world narrated by grandmother through Odia Dhaga and Dhamali (jokes and proverbs) are now available in digital format in modern language of English on the internet.

Thanks to young writer Prateek Pattanaik, who made it possible for the new generations to save Odisha’s treasure — children literature and short stories — to be affected by hardness of Time.

With help of eminent writer Devdutt Pattanaik known for his work on ancient Indian scriptures, the 17-year-old Prateek translates the Abolakara stories from typical Odia language to English language and posts those on the website https://medium.com/abolakara and social media to popularise Odia literature worldwide.

“Abolakara is a collection of stories like Jatak Kahani or Panchatantra that are quite popular among children and translated in many Indian languages. Abolakara is an ancient period of children stories that the grandmothers were telling to their grandchildren. The stories are filled in Odia Dhaga and Dhamali. Even we get signs of Buddhist culture and tradition in Abolakara stories,” said Prateek.

Prateek posts a new story from Abolakara Kahani on https://medium.com/abolakara every week. ‘The Golden Temple’, ‘Pigeon & Cat’, ‘The Dacoit-King’ are few stories translated into English from Odia version of Abolakara Kahani and posted on https://medium.com so far.