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AAP says voters confused over symbols, demands repoll in North Goa !


Panaji, April 12 :

AAP Saturday demanded a repoll in the North Goa constituency claiming that the Samajwadi Janata Party’s (SJP) ‘battery torch’ symbol on the EVMs was similar to the AAP’s broom and has ended up confusing its voters.

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) office bearer Valmiki Naik said in a complaint that many of the AAP voters came back confused from the polling booths in the constituency, when they found the ‘battery torch’ symbol placed just below the AAP’s broom symbol on the electronic voting machines (EVMs).AAP

“The inclusion of the misleading symbol has caused irreparable loss and prejudice to democracy, to voters in general and the AAP in particular,” Naik said in his complaint to the chief electoral officer.

Naik claimed that the ‘battery torch’ symbol was illegally tweaked on the EVMs, which created the confusion.

“On the EVMs, rays are shown emanating from the battery torch and due to the presence of these rays, the battery torch appears like a broom,” Naik said.

The AAP leader said the battery torch symbol with rays had been withdrawn by the election officials during the Lok Sabha election in Delhi and a similar course should be resorted to by the Election Commission in Goa.

“The Goa authorities can take a cue from this, for doing the needful of restoring the correct unambiguous symbol of battery torch without rays,” Naik said.

AAP’s Dattaram Desai is taking on Ravi Naik of the Congress and sitting BJP MP Shripad Naik in the North Goa constituency. The SJP has fielded Raju D’Souza as its candidate from the constituency.



  1. This is John Dsouza from Goa.
    I would like to highlight the matter of creating confusion in the minds of voters during voting in Goa Yesterday.This must be complained to Election commission.
    When I went in to vote in our constituency in Goa, I was looking a the symbol of broom and I pressed the button immediately..When i looked closely later, I realised that I had voted for another person..The reason was that another party Samajwadi Janata party Rashtriya had a very very similar symbol as to AAP. This symbol was of a Torch with a light spreading, which looked very similar to the AAP symbol..This was a last minute change and nobody knew of this.Even my family members were confused with this and they too voted for the wrong person.I request you to take action on this and complain to EC on the matter.There must be a revoting in Goa on this account.

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