Bhopal, June 19:

The AAP is ready to contest elections in every state and it will emerge as an alternative to the ruling BJP in Madhya Pradesh in 2018, a party leader said on Sunday.


“We will fight it out in Madhya Pradesh with all our might in 2018 and try to provide a new direction to the state,” Aam Aadmi Party leader Ashutosh told the media here.

The AAP leader spoke after a meeting of party activists.

He said the AAP was strengthening its organisation in every state to put up a fight not just in Madhya Pradesh but everywhere in the country.

Ashutosh said there had been plenty of corruption and scandals in Madhya Pradesh during the past 15 years of Bharatiya Janata Party rule.

“This is why people are looking for an alternative,” he said.

Asked who will be the AAP leader in Madhya Pradesh, Ashutosh this will be decided by the people.

“We will offer a real and honest alternative, this is our promise.” (IANS)